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Mr. haji Muhammad Nawaz, founded the Sports Wears Business in the local market of Sialkot in 1973. This local business later spread in the different parts of the Pakistan under his administration.
In 1997 Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Saim joined his father's nationwide business and decided to go internationally under the name of M/s Sanwin Enterprises and M/s Saim Sports. Later Mrs. Tayyaba Shahbaz , wife of Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz , also joined him in his business as partner in the company.

Two companies are meant for import as well as export business . Sanwin Enterprises is dealing in the export business of Sports Garments and Saim Sports is dealing in import only. In year 2005, Mr. Shahbaz was elected as President, Pakistan Sports Market of Sialkot, which was a tribute to his achievements in this field.

Sanwin.pk  is the official website of the company which offers the best in Cycling Wears and Cycling Supplies at the lowest cost. We at Sanwin/Saim understand every professional need for high quality products vis-a -vis economical price.
Many in the market can offer the sports wears at prices lower than us , but, those are not as durable as our products, similarly, why pay more for buying the branded stuff if you can find the same quality  products at Sanwin/Saim at economical prices thus adding more value to your money.
So what are you waiting for, join us now and start saving! www.sanwin.pk  is your right source of low cost sports wears and supplies.
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Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Saim                                                                          Mrs. Tayyaba Shahbaz Saim
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